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kennethlon14 wrote: (:3) (I hope some of these will help!)

Hexi wrote:It is a little to scrambled I will make it look a little better

Frigate: 8 hulls, 4 sails, and 1 window.

Raft: 3 Tree trunks.

Hull: 2 tree trunks or 1 large tree trunk

Window: 2 glass.

Glass:Burn sand

Stationary Cloth Torch: 1 rod, 1 cloth  


Cloth Torch: 1 haft, 1 cloth

Vial: 1 glass.

Wood Segment: 4 small tree trunks or 1 large tree trunk.

Boulder: You need 4 stones

Small Stones: 1 stone

Flint: You need 1 small stones

Stone Well:' 4 boulders, 1' rope

P.S. I thought this wil help you since i saw random quotes on this. But i add some that i remember! :) (kennethlon14)

P.S.S I am not being mean i just want to make it look a little better

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